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I get that you are a traditional business person who likes to conduct business physically, BUT, a lot of clients/customers want a taste of your quality product but DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO FIND YOU. It's like having a store without a storefront signpost. A responsive & accessible web site/presence is no longer merely a 'bonus' or 'nice to have' - IT IS ESSENTIAL.

It is my privilege to offer a chance to be seen on the web to small businesses and individuals around me. Whether that be creating a website for you from the ground up, or updating an existing presence for the mobile age. Providing a place for interested parties to find and learn about what you offer is what I offer. How can I help you today?

I dedicate myself to presenting my clients with completed projects that not only meet, but exceed, their initial vision. Knowing what to expect when we work together is critical - here are my different offers for your business' success:

Web App Development

Front-end and back-end web development and design, from wireframes and UI/UX design, to functional Full Stack Web Applications for the web.

UI/UX Implementation

Human-centered approach to all design decisions so that products feel custom built for the target audience and is easy-to-navigate

Responsive Design

Built to look and perform beautifully on all types of devices, with a page structure that is logical and helps users (and search engines) browse efficiently

Business Strategy

SEO, Marketing & advertising strategy that utilizes online and offline based technologies to promote your services and grow your brand and increases visibility.

Recent Projects

Level Ground Charity Organization

Where Grit Meets Opportunity

At Level Ground (LG), urban youth cultivate grit and resilience through Mixed Martial Arts. They learn to apply these values 'off the mat in the pursuit of their ambitions through our Student Trainer Certification and College Access programs.


a screenshot of the levelGround site

Opeyemi's Google Drive Link-Direct Download Converter

Sometimes we want to use our files and sheets offline, this helps with that.

The app will ensure that you can convert your google drive file links to a link that is directly downloadable off the internet. With this app, you can access files hosted all on your google drive and be able to convert them to direct links for offline download and use.


a screenshot of the Google Drive Link-Direct Download Converter app


An easily accessible weather display app

We never know the uncertainty which each day holds. This simple app was built for a very close friend when they got themselves and their work equipment drenched in the rain. The tegaWeatherApp displays the weather in any city of the world once the city's name is entered in the placehoder.


a screenshot of the tegaWeatherApp

Toyosi Adebusuyi's portfolio

An online showcase of the profile of Moni Africa Data Analyst and podcaster, Toyosi Adebusuyi.

This portfolio acts as an online resume for young Toyosi and displays her journey through being an analyst and doubling as a podcaster.

a screenshot of Toyosi Adebusuyi's portfolio


A simple portfolio for a software engineer.

devVGBG displays the resume for a developer with a fully responsive and beautiful smooth-scrolling website. This website was built with HTML, CSS and vanilla Javascript.


a screenshot of the simple portfolio for a software engineer site

About Opeyemi

Software Engineer | Technical Writer

Hi! 👋 I'm Opeyemi(pronounced "Or-kpe-ye-mi"), I am neurodivergent.
I am very capable of learning, adapting, and functioning though my tools may be different. I do my best to make awesome things for awesome people with the combination of my technical, effective communication, writing and Product Management Skills.
I am passionate about leveraging my diverse educational and cultural backgrounds to declutter and demystify challenging problems, especially in Africa, and create solution-based products.
I develop websites and web solutions with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am a very keen enthusiast of the MERN Stack and I am hoping to be a sensei in React really soon.
Socially, I love soccer, a good swim and a great hike. You Will Never Walk Alone.

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